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Data Privacy & Web Accessibility (ADA) Compliance Services

Stay protected in an ever-changing world market.

Why is this Important?

Web accessibility and data privacy are important to any organization that has an online presence. Our services provide you ongoing maintenance to ensure that your website adheres to compliance requirements.

Can we Ignore these Requirements?

As a business you can ignore these requirements, but by doing this you run the risk of legal consequences. These lawsuits can start in the thousands of dollars up to millions of dollars. Aside from legal protection, there are a lot of benefits of being compliant, such as expanding your services to an underserved population.

What is ADA Website Compliance?

People with certain disabilities are not able to interact with non-compliant websites, increased internet usage and reliance for services has highlighted this limitation. ADA website compliance means your website is accessible to all users with disabilities.

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy relates to how your organization deals with personal data. Being compliant means your website follows regulatory requirements for how and what you collect, store, process and maintain personal information. A healthy website uses various data-collection tools to measure site use, analyze traffic, show content, allow conversions and more – new regulations require websites to allow users to opt-out of this type of collection and be informed of the precise methods and protocols.


We feel strongly about complying with the new privacy and ADA regulations, even for businesses who operate outside of areas that have already passed laws about them.  Websites are visible the world over and blocking traffic around the globe is an intense and expensive process.  The policies, features, and transparency we recommend offer values greater than legal protection.  Nevertheless, If you decide compliance is not for you (we won’t tell anyone, we get it) then please use the opt-out button below.