Repurposing, or recycling, your marketing content can be extremely beneficial to a business for a number of reasons.

By reformatting existing content for different mediums you can expand your audience reach. Different people enjoy different formats whether that’s text, infographics, videos or podcasts. Repurposing content helps reach more people by giving them a format that they like to digest.

Repurposing content can also bring fantastic stories back to life in a new and exciting format. A particular blog post that was hugely successful last year can be once again become successful in the form of a video. This allows us to continue to share our most popular content in different ways to engage new audiences.

When we repurpose old content we help your hard work go that bit further. Maybe that amazing video you made last year took months to make and cost a small fortune. What a waste if it were to get lost amongst the rest of your content. Why not repurpose it and make your efforts go that bit further?

Maybe you want to create entirely new and engaging content that can then be repurposed to help drive traffic to your site and build up your customer base?

Here is how we are repurposing content today:

Step 1: We create an article or blog post

We will first put together a piece of engaging writing on whatever you desire relating to your business. Written content is the easiest to produce and the foundation of our repurposing content service. This can be in the form of either an article or a blog post. It’s important to ensure the content relates to your brand and is interesting enough for your desired audience.

Whilst written content is useful in marketing our business or brand, its audience reach is limited. This is why we start the process of repurposing the content.

Step 2: We create a long-format video

We will send a member of our team to your office on-site to create a long-format video that supports the article or blog post we wrote for your website. This video can be anything from animation to live-action. Some people prefer to digest information via video so this can significantly help you appeal to a new audience.

A long format video is a great way to engage your audience with a focus on entertainment and storytelling. This video will then be added to the written content we produced for you on your website. It will also be then optimized for Facebook and YouTube with a custom thumbnail. This will start to gain views and likes linking people back to your website.

Adding the video to your website will also do wonders for your Google ranking as you can optimize the video for SEO.

Long format videos are great at capturing attention but they can sometimes not get as many views as shorter videos. Which takes us to our next step.

Step 3: Video chop

Once your long format video is uploaded to the written content on your website and uploaded to YouTube our team members will then start to chop the video into short videos, also known as square formats.

These short videos can then be optimized and repurposed for a number of different platforms and shared across multiple social media sites including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most of these sites prefer videos that run for around 1 to 2 minutes in length allowing you to create a large number of short videos for sharing.

We then purposely ensure that the shorter video is enough to entice people in but not give away the full story or the most valuable aspects of the story. This leads people to try and discover more about the content. This results in people clicking the link for the full video and driving people to your website increasing traffic and potential sales.

The shorter videos are highly engaging and can help reach new audiences that the original blog post wouldn’t have been able to.

How else could I repurpose my content?

Following our successful repurposing campaign above we can then look at repurposing the content in a few other ways that will further increase traffic to your site and create sales.

Create an advertising video

Using short videos that were created, we can design a new video advertising campaign to run online. Online video ads are super successful if done correctly.

Using the short videos we can create exciting videos that engage new customers via a targeted ad campaign across various social media platforms including YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can then buy ad space on these platforms using a set budget, targeting a specific audience and using the analytical tools to drive only those genuinely interested in your type of product or service to your website.

Create supporting visuals

Using the information from the written content we produced for your website at the beginning we can repurpose the information into an infographic. For example, if the original article or blog post is about the best e-bikes available on the market, we could create a simple infographic that summarizes all the key points and compares them in a simple and informative way.

Infographics are liked by lots of people as they can say a lot without all the reading. Think of them as visual abstracts.

The infographic can then be easily shared on social media platforms where infographics perform well such as Pinterest,, Infographic Reviews, Slideshare, Fast Company and Infographics Showcase. All these sites can help successfully drive more traffic back to your website and to the original content which can then be converted into a lead or sale.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I am uncomfortable on video?

This is a more common than you think. We are uncomfortable as well, but we have ways to remove that anxiety. Even if you are still uncomfortable, we will record audio and make engagement video formats.

Can you help with SEO?

SEO and content go hand in hand. While that is a small element of the total SEO pie, we do offer additional SEO services as an add on.

Can you help with social media management?

Absolutely! We do have limited room for clients on certain channels such as Instagram and LinkedIn Personal Pages. For company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter we have plenty of capacity.

Can you help with email marketing?

We provide fully managed and partially managed services. Fully-managed services are for limited email service providers such as Activecampaign and Hubspot. Other platforms, we will create content for you/your team to push out. This is because our team cannot manage to keep up with all the email providers on the market. If you are interested in migration services to these platforms, we can definitely help.


Pricing varies based on client needs. Everyone gets a unique quote based on our content repurposing configuration. Our starting price starts at $2,000.

Can you benefit from a content repurposing service?

Do you think your business would benefit from repurposing content? Maybe you are looking to recycle old content or need new engaging content to be produced and then repurposed?

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