Humans vs. Chatbots: Who Wins in Service?

In today's tech-driven world, customer service is undergoing a significant transformation fueled by the rise of artificial intelligence. The battleground is…

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Liquid Death: Daring to Hydrate Differently

Water is the essence of life, but who said it couldn't have an edge? Enter Liquid Death, a brand that has taken the beverage industry by storm, turning the…

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Social Media: To Do or Not To Do

A brand's social media presence can hold as much significance as its physical or online storefront. However, venturing into social media requires more than…

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The Top 10 Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Should Use

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Marketers are constantly looking for tools and technologies that can…

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Unlocking Efficiency: Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Efficiency is not just a goal but a necessity, especially when time is precious. Mastering the right tricks for browser navigation can turn tedious tasks into…

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woman with cameras and lights

Celebrity Endorsements and Marketing: From Lillie Langtry to the Present Day

Celebrity endorsements in marketing are as intriguing as they are influential. This captivating strategy, which involves aligning a brand or product with a…

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i heart ny sign

“I Love New York”: The Groundbreaking Campaign that Revitalized a City

In 1977, amidst economic turmoil and a public image crisis, New York City became the canvas for an innovative marketing campaign that forever altered its…

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wine bottle pouring wine glass

The Wine Index: A Vibrant Indicator of Luxury Spending and Consumer Confidence

The Wine Index offers a refreshingly distinctive perspective in a world where economic indicators and financial jargon often sound complex and daunting. This…

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The Murderer Behind Nike’s Most Successful Ad Campaign

Various sources can influence marketing campaigns, from the latest fashion trends to popular culture. But it’s not every day that a murderer inspires a major…

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cowboy with lasso

The Evolution of Branding: Cattle Marks to Modern Logos

The concept of branding is woven throughout human history. Its beginnings, surprisingly, trace back to the practice of cattle branding, where livestock owners…

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man with tablet and coffee

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you hoping to advance your enterprise? A solid digital marketing strategy is powerful for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But developing this…

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baby diapers fanned out

How Diaper Production Can Indicate Population and Economy

Diapers are a staple product in households with young children, but their production and sales trends can also serve as a unique lens to examine a country's…

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woman shopping in grocery store

Revolutionizing Retail: How Selfridge and Wanamaker Shaped Modern Shopping

The retail landscape as we know it today was shaped by innovative entrepreneurs who dared to think differently and redefine the shopping experience. Pioneers…

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Are you seeking tactics to make your business outshine the competition through digital marketing? With so many different tactics available, knowing which ones…

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three beef tacos

The Taco Bell Liberty Bell Prank: Viral Marketing Success

Marketing has always played a crucial role in the success of a business, and with the increasing influence of the internet and social media, viral marketing…

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tech buttons and hand

Leveraging Competitor Technology for Your Benefit

The tech industry is often envisioned as a battleground, with powerful entities vying for market dominance. While competition certainly drives innovation,…

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rolex watch with blue face

The Secret of Rolex’s Winning Marketing Strategy

For over a century, Rolex has been renowned for its luxury watches. And its sophisticated marketing strategies have allowed the brand to remain highly…

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man putting on deo

The Old Spice Marketing Revamp: A Masterclass in Rebranding

Old Spice is a brand that has been synonymous with men's grooming products for decades. However, by the early 2000s, the brand was struggling to maintain…

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grocery store aisle

The Evolution of Product Placement: A Marketing Phenomenon

Product placement, the marketing technique of strategically incorporating branded products into various forms of media, has long been an influential factor in…

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price vs value diagram

Hourly Pricing Vs. Project Pricing for Your Business

Whether you pay employees via hourly pricing or on a per-project basis is an essential decision for any business owner or entrepreneur to consider when setting…

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mens underwear boxers

The Men’s Underwear Index as an Economic Indicator

At first glance, men's underwear might seem like an unlikely subject for serious economic discussion. However, the Men's Underwear Index (MUI) is a fascinating…

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ancient egyptian art

Ancient Egypt & the Origins of Advertising

Advertising is such a ubiquitous part of modern life that it's easy to forget it has a rich, extensive history stretching back thousands of years. Before the…

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digital marketing on block

In-House Marketing Vs. Agencies Vs. Freelancers

Are you trying to decide between in-house marketing, agencies, and freelancers for your business? It's a difficult decision, as each option has advantages and…

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women in different skirts

Hemline Index: The Relationship Between Fashion and Economy

The world of fashion is as fascinating as it is fickle. With trends constantly changing, it's often difficult to keep up. However, some aspects of fashion can…

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grocery cart in store aisle

Transformational Market Research in the Mid-20th Century: The Cases of Procter & Gamble and Nielsen

The mid-20th century marked an epochal shift in business operations, particularly in the field of marketing. Key companies like Procter & Gamble (P&G)…

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man in suit digital marketing

7 Tips for Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Consultant

If you're ready to elevate your business, enlisting the help of a digital marketing consultant is an ideal way to maximize your online presence and engage with…

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airplane flying above clouds

Incredible Odds: Surviving a Plane Crash Vs. Clicking a Banner Ad

The landscape of advertising has transformed significantly in the digital era. Yet, as it turns out, not all strategies in digital advertising are as effective…

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skyscrapers kuala lumpur

Decoding the Skyscraper Index: A Unique Economic Indicator

The skyscraper index is an intriguing economic indicator. It essentially indicates a strong juxtaposition in that costly skyscrapers tend to be built and…

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people with graphs marketing

Developing Your Marketing Operations Success

Marketing operations can seem daunting. They require an understanding of your target audience, the ability to develop compelling content strategies, and…

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arm holding medals

Brand Potential: The Guinness World Record Marketing Stunt

The Guinness World Records have captivated people's imagination for decades, showcasing the extraordinary feats and achievements of individuals and…

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man with loyalty card

The Dawn of Loyalty Programs: AAdvantage Pioneers a New Era in Customer Relationship Marketing

The birth of loyalty programs in the 1980s fundamentally altered the marketing landscape, shifting the focus from wide-reaching advertising campaigns to…

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people working with tablet

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Are you a business owner, CEO, or marketer looking to get the most out of your marketing strategy? If so, then consider hiring a professional marketing…

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sheet with torn paper fact fake

The Ultimate Guide to Fact-Checking Blog Articles

The internet is a treasure trove of information, but it can also be a breeding ground for misinformation. As a blogger, it's your responsibility to ensure that…

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lots of cars on the street

Unveiling the Chromatic Spectrum: The New Car Color Index

Cars hold a prominent place in our lives; they are not merely objects of utility but also a reflection of our identity and individuality. One of the most…

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people with whiteboard

5 Tools for Your Marketing Success

As a business owner or marketer, you're likely well aware of the importance of having effective tools for marketing in your arsenal. But how do you decide…

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diamonds on dark background

The De Beers Diamond Hoax: Marketing Campaigns and Legacies

Diamonds have long been associated with love, luxury, and commitment, especially in the form of engagement rings. But have you ever wondered how diamonds…

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can of pepsi outside

Pepsi’s Audacious Move: The “Pepsi Challenge” Campaign of 1975

The art of marketing has seen numerous iconic campaigns throughout history, each impacting brand perception and consumer behavior in unique ways. Launched in…

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fractional cmos

What You Need to Know About Fractional CMOs

Are you a business owner or CEO looking to maximize your marketing potential? Do you need someone with the skills and experience to create an effective…

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burger with crown on top

Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice: Viral Marketing and Brand Success

In the world of marketing, standing out from the competition is essential for success. One way to achieve this is through viral marketing stunts, which can…

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lipsticks laying all over

What is the Lipstick Effect?

The lipstick effect is a fascinating economic phenomenon that has captured the attention of economists, marketers, and consumers alike. But what exactly is the…

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woman on video recording

Influencer Marketing: A Modern Connection Between Brands and Consumers

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, the advent of influencer marketing represents a significant shift in how brands connect with consumers. Influencer…

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person with clickbait ai

The Rise of Clickbait Content in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic these days, and it's no surprise that it's being used as clickbait on YouTube and social media. With titles like…

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hot waitstaff with bowties

Unraveling the Mystery of the Hot Waitstaff Index

The hot waitstaff index is a rather unconventional yet fascinating indicator of the economic situation of any given city, county, or country. But what exactly…

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people smiling headshots

The Future of Business Headshots: AI-Powered Solutions

Here, we dive into the importance of professional headshots for businesses and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we capture and process…

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little girl with milk mustache

The Impact and Influence of the “Got Milk?” Campaign

Throughout advertising history, few campaigns have ever achieved the iconic status and longevity of the California Milk Processor Board's "Got Milk?"…

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One-Star Scams Hijack Business Ratings – Google Review Scams

In this modern technological world, people rely heavily on information from Google and similar companies when they make purchase decisions. Whether they need…

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4 Best Webcam and Screen Recorder Tools

Instead of sending a long and boring email, there are tools on your computer that allow you to record a video of yourself while showing what you are doing on…

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6 Top Rated Webcams to Look Your Best

In an age where we are constantly in online meetings, whether in an interview or debrief with your boss, it is important to look professional and your overall…

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Creative Ways to Use Video for Your Company

Every single business that uses communication tools to speak to and interact with their customers needs to figure out fresh ideas to keep people interested.…

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9 Tips to Look Your Best on a Webcam

Finding out that your next meeting is virtual might be a tempting way to kick back in bed, rest your laptop on your legs, and cozy up in some sweats. However,…

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NJAA June Video Newsletter - June 2021 News Updates

NJAA June Video Newsletter

As we approach the midway point of 2021, we want to push some boundaries and move forward in this digital age. That means more video, and the…

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How to Build an On-Site Video Studio: Equipment & Tutorial

Recently, we set up an onsite video production studio for a client, which we documented in a video, including which products to purchase and the rationale…

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instagram login screen on samsung laptop

Instagram Hashtags That Really Drive Traffic to Your Profile

It's hard to believe that a mere decade ago, the word "hashtag" was essentially nonexistent, and the symbol had a vastly different meaning. Now, businesses are…

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hands from around the world pointing links to a website

How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

You've probably heard the term "backlinks" before when discussing SEO or building an audience for your website. You know it's essential, but you have no idea…

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a color wheel showing different customer categories

How to Make an Impression on Your Customers

On average, over 65% of the income generated by a small business comes from their existing customers. While it is important to attract a wider audience, you…

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a keyboard with a wheelchair icon to show ADA accessibility

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Here’s What You Need To Know

When the ADA was passed in 1990, the internet was in its infancy. Today there are millions of web pages with trillions of dollars of revenue pouring through…

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male building websites

Building ADA Compliant Websites For Your Customers

Does your business or organization have an ADA compliant website yet? If not, the time to take care of this problem is now... Not next week or when you get…

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Budget is drawn out

$0 Marketing Budget? Here Are 4 Creative Ways to Land Clients

Small businesses and startup companies often face a common problem in the business world: a lack of marketing budget. This experience puts a strain on…

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digital person coding a website

Learn How to Improve Website Speeds Without Breaking the Bank

Does your page take longer than three seconds to load? If so, your website visitors will likely abandon your website. Your website speed is more important…

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Computer screen with video production equipment

How to Create Video Content Fast Using Art, Business & Science

Every month, over 2 billion people log in to YouTube to watch videos. Daily, YouTube videos receive billions of views and over a billion hours of watch time.…

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Light bulb grabbing attention

This Sales Tactic Will Help You Land More New Clients

Are you interested in landing more new clients? If so, then you should definitely consider a sales tactic and gift idea that we created. We’ve seen fantastic…

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a handicap bus seat

How Designers Make ADA Websites: A How-to Guide

There are billions of websites out there, and more come online every single day. Many business owners worry about making their website appealing to their…

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female hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Repurposing Content in 2020

Content marketing is an effective inbound marketing strategy. A company's content marketing has influenced purchases for 82 percent of consumers, according to…

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Two people holding red sign with word of mouth marketing

Supercharge Your Word of Mouth Marketing With These Tips

When it comes to your marketing campaigns, while you can control a lot of what you do, there is one aspect of it you don’t have too much control over, but yet…

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person holding a phone using youtube

5 Tips to Create the Best YouTube Content Fast & Effectively

Video content is growing at a fast pace, thanks to social media. Whether it's individuals going live at a concert or a business showcasing a product, video is…

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loading bar

Website Speed Optimization for Dummies: Speed Up Your Site Today!

Are you planning to build a website for your new business? Or are you looking for ways to increase the speed of your existing site? Website speed is an area…

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Phone on table with LinkedIn app opened

The Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn for Sales Successfully

There are many ways that the internet has changed the face of modern business. It's completely opened up many businesses to new markets in ways that might…

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sheet of paper saying ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

The Ultimate ADA Website Compliance Checklist: 2020 Edition

If millions of people can’t access your website, you aren’t reaching your customers. An ADA website compliance checklist can help you meet the needs of your…

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a graphic depiction of a man in a suit typing on a computer

How To Repurpose Content The Right Way

One struggle faced by many a business owner or fledgling marketing campaign manager is the breadth of channels they have to get their message out through.…

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Insurance Agency Local SEO Blueprint

The internet used to be a simple place. If you wanted to search for something, you'd head to Google and type in your keywords. There'd be a handful of results,…

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a two way directional sign

10 Essential Steps to Include in Your Change Management Process

Did you know that 80% of small businesses end in failure? Sure, many of the businesses in the link above never got off the ground in the first place, but some…

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cartoon businessman sucking customers in to a funnel

What is a Digital Marketing Funnel and How Can You Create Your Own?

It's not a secret that businesses need to focus on digital marketing to succeed. But, knowing just where to start in the marketing process can feel like a…

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led sign

12 Signs Your Sales and Marketing Strategy is Failing

Did you know that for 89% of marketers, the effectiveness of digital marketing is increasing? This means their strategy is working, but this isn’t the case for…

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person on computer screen with binoculars

What are the Benefits of Using Social Media Pros Instead of DIY?

The internet is a vast place, with over 1.7 billion websites online across the globe. With that, you need to make your website competitive in any way possible.…

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two business people analyzing sales numbers on a laptop

Improving Your Sales Team Performance: A Complete How to Guide

Watch Our Video A good sales team will increase sales, which means larger profits. Sales teams also create greater brand awareness, more referrals, and more…

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graphic art depiction of a marketing team at work

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Firm

Watch Our Video Is digital marketing for your business becoming a challenge for you? Are you getting left out on the most recent digital marketing trends? If…

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one coffee cup in color with a brand label on it over a pile of plain ones

The Best Brand Development Tips Your Business Needs

Watch Our Video Over 30 million small businesses are operating in the U.S. right now. Yours is among them, and an effective marketing plan is key to staying…

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street sign listing outsource and in house marketing efforts

Reasons for Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts

Watch Our Video 38% of your potential customers will stop interacting with your website if they don't like the looks of the layout. 64% of potential…

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iphone in the back of a jeans pocket with a WordPress app install screen open

7 WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Website

Watch Our Video Are you looking for ways to grow your website through new marketing options online? If so, you might explore a few of the different plugins…

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tablet showing digital marketing metrics

Digital Marketing Metrics: 20 Terms and Numbers to Know

Watch Our Video Digital marketing is a challenge, no matter how much experience you have. With so many new concepts and metrics being used by marketers each…

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newspaper with job ad for a chief marketing officer

What is a CMO and Why You Should Outsource Yours

Watch Our Video If you’re setting up a marketing team for your business, you might need to fill the role of chief marketing officer. In this article, we will…

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6 Digital Marketing Trends for the 2nd Half of 2019

Watch Our Video Are you looking for new ways to reinvigorate your campaigns in 2019? To do so, it’s important to explore the latest digital marketing……

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seo techniques

8 Clever SEO Techniques to Help New Clients Discover Your Business

Watch Our Video Statistics show that using the right SEO techniques increase conversion rates by 14.6%, beating the 1.7% achieved by traditional methods.…

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butterflies around an instagram icon

7 Social Media Strategies to Become a Social Butterfly & Make Your Metrics Soar

Watch Our Video According to Forbes, 77 percent of marketers are using social media to market their business. However, only 48 percent see a return on…

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nyc skyline at night

Looking for Marketing Consultant Firms NYC? Consider This Instead

If you own a business, and you’re on a mission to boost sales and generate interest in your brand, you may think about hiring a new marketing agency. If you’re…

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graphic designer drawing

What are Good Graphic Design Rates for Your Business

Running a business is always about balancing cost. If you’re investing in services, you want to make sure you are getting a quality solution. At the same time…

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b2b marketing ad from xerox

B2B Marketing Examples to Learn From

Business-to-business marketing entails the sale of one company’s service or product to another company. This is also known as B2B marketing and there are many…

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laptop with headphones, notebook, and html/css book

Web Design for Marketing: Here’s What to Consider

No one in their right mind can deny the importance of web design for marketing modern businesses. The chances are that you would struggle to even get off the…

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the words

Is Marketing Right for My Business? Find Out Here

If you take a moment to search for articles about marketing for businesses, you’ll come across a huge number that praise the virtues of marketing and underline…

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envelopes being delivered through a laptop screen

Here is Why Email Marketing is Not Dead in 2019 and Beyond

Have you heard people say that email marketing is dead? There’s a good chance you hear this regularly if you work in marketing and sales, as many people like…

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robot chatting with someone on a messenger app

Learn From These Marketing Automation Fails

In business, we tend to reach towards anything with the word automation in it like it’s the holy grail. We’re privileged in that we now have endless methods of…

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Fundamentals of a Great Startup Marketing Plan

Every startup needs a great marketing plan to help it get off the ground. When you launch a new business, you need to find effective ways of promoting it,…

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bottles going through steps of the assembly line

Manufacturer Marketing Strategies to Consider

There’s a common belief amongst manufacturers that they have no need for an online presence. Their customers are all businesses that need someone local, why…

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video camera with facebook live sticker

Benefits of Live Video Streaming to Boost Your Business

There are now so many businesses using live video streaming to increase their audience and improve income streams these days. Are you one of them? If not, it…

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book with content marketing on the cover

Top 10 Content Marketing Tips for 2019

Keeping your brand relevant as trends change can be very difficult, but with new content marketing strategies, you will have everything you need to grow and…

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cool office for a tech startup

When should you fire your marketing agency?

Many of us swear by the motto, ‘you get what you pay for.’ The trouble is that sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for, and you end up disappointed. If…

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silhouettes with words and drawings

This Startup Marketing Strategy Will Boost Your Sales

Have you ever been shopping for a product or service and found a brand comparing themselves directly to one of their competitors? Perhaps you were actually…

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yellow sign that says

What to Look for in a Marketing Consultant Fee

In all marketing strategies or services, business owners and decision makers want to know how cost-effective it will be. You want to ensure that you get a…

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website on a graphic computer screen

Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2019

The world of web design is in constant flux. As both technology and tastes change, so does web design. Keeping up with changes can be a challenge, especially…

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two make workers shaking hands

What is B2B Marketing and Where is it Going?

What is B2B marketing? For certain companies and business owners, this will be a crucial element of their business model. It’s important to explore what it is,…

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art components of a digital marketing experiment

Why You Should Consider Running Marketing Experiments

The world of business changes continually, and this means that business owners and marketers have to respond to new and emerging trends. Marketing can be…

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google my business page

Why Google Reviews are Important & Our Tips to Get Them

Do you notice the reviews that customers are leaving for your business on Google? If not, it’s time to look. If they aren’t positive, your business might need…

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girl with mouth open and letters coming out

What is Semantic SEO and How it Will Help Voice Search

The tools by which we optimize our search engine marketing have been steadily evolving. We’ve moved from trends such as keyword stuffing to backlink building,…

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a graphic with a 70s style design

Graphic Designs in the 70s: Throwbacks to Inspire You

Graphic design has evolved over the years, often influenced by societal and cultural changes. It can take inspiration from music, art, fashion and culture.…