Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy requires a talented arsenal of writers and content creators. Our team of content marketing specialists develop personalized content that will raise your brand awareness, propel your website up in the search rankings and help you convert more leads to sales.

What Is Content Marketing and How Can It Help?

Content marketing strategies focus on creating excellent digital content that will indirectly help you convert leads and organically improve your search rankings. The idea is to create engaging content, whether it be blogs, emails or social posts that will entice users to stay, read and enjoy your content, without them feeling like they are being aggressively sold to.

It’s all about creating content with genuine staying power–content that will stay around for a long time and continue to be useful, informative or entertaining for your readers. Glenmont content marketing consultants specialize in leveraging strategic and creative content to market your brand, product, service or personality.

Blog Content

One of the most recognized forms of content marketing is blog content. Consistent and quality blog posts will increase brand awareness, provide fuel for your SEO and help attract new visitors while retaining the old ones.

Blogging is a method of short-form storytelling that can be entertaining and informative. Additionally, blogs can be used for progress updates on your latest projects, guiding your audience on how to use your products or services, or simply to highlight and give feedback on a relevant current event.

Creating imaginative content begins with educating and entertaining your fans. Our content marketing specialists will help you create original content that is both relevant to your business and audience’s interests.


For those that prefer more detailed visual content, infographics are an option that warrants consideration. You can find infographics on various topics all over the internet that primarily serve to educate and inform.

As part of our content marketing strategy services, we’ll assist you in developing infographic design ideas and execution strategies based on your campaign goals.

We develop infographics to your desired size specs and offer custom illustrations. We’ll implement clickable buttons and social media widgets to further encourage your customers to share and engage with your content.

Video Content

The most popular form of content marketing and overall media consumption for that matter is video content. Video can be used to explain the product or service, guide users through how to use what you’re offering, or simply create something viral to catch their attention.

Creating video content can be time-consuming and resource-intensive if you’re not an expert, that’s why it’s imperative to leverage content marketing specialists like ours to assist you.

Whether it’s a face to face interview a or a funny cartoon, we’ve got a wide variety of skills and tools to help create effective video content for your brand.

eBook Content

eBooks represent a unique form of content marketing that is ideal for online purposes. They can be used to gather valuable customer contact information to generate future leads.

The content itself is often relevant and informative enough that it will gain attention across social media platforms and appeal to your audience. For example, a gym owner can develop an eBook with their online workout program, which is a new line of business they can profit from.

eBooks are created with personalized graphics and informative content, all of which can be customized to your needs and wants.

White Paper Content

White paper content is more in-depth, professional and serious than most other forms of content that we get into. It’s about thoroughly explaining your product and providing a deeper understanding of what it is that you offer.

White paper content marketing strategy is focused on longer informative paragraphs as opposed to colorful and image-focused content found in eBooks, videos or infographics. These documents are valuable content pieces that can be used to educate a more serious audience.

Website Content

Your website is also going to need content in order to stay relevant and useful to your customers. The last thing you want is a dead site that doesn’t offer any useful or timely materials.

Website content marketing includes items such as home page descriptions, about/service pages, your blog, product descriptions and any other materials that you feel would be beneficial for users to access. Outside of educating consumers, these items also help to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and search rankings.

Email Marketing

Email blasts are an important form of content marketing that can be leveraged once you’ve built up a large database of contacts to target. Email marketing doesn’t mean spamming your email list daily with the same offers, hard sells, and no new content offered.

You can let existing customers know about new products, deals or even a new project that you’ve got coming up, but it needs to truly be something new and exciting. This approach to content marketing can target your existing customers and remind them that your business exists and always offers something new and fresh.

Our content marketing creators will help you leverage your owned email assets with our creative design expertise to generate effective email campaigns that will keep your customers engaged.

What Does a Content Marketing Strategy Look Like?

We start every content marketing strategy with an original plan that is customized by your business needs. We’ll ask questions about your goals and review our content development processes, and work together to decide which forms of content will be most effective.

Our strategists explore both social and paid channels, coupled with SEO initiatives in mind to ensure your pages rank high in Google searches. We’ll leverage marketing automation tools to help you expand your reach to wider audiences, retain customers, and bring back old ones.

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