Social Media Management

Is managing your business’s social media making you nauseous?

Going in circles and following the crowd will not make your profiles stand out. It’s time to let go of the social media merry-go-round and take your profiles seriously.

Our methodology is centered around maintaining the highest level of social excellence when it comes to your business or brand and we offer a full range of services to help you achieve your goals.

We break social media management down into three pillars;

1. Broadcasting – defining strategic content categories and selection of distribution channels.

2. Monitoring – servicing customers by answering product related inquiries, reaching out to new potential fans and amazing your current fans with positive engagement.

3. Conversion – setting goals, building audience insights, and content optimization through testing and analysis.


What should I post?

Content is King… and Queen! It needs to be relevant and consistent. High-quality content consists of written, visual and video.

A few years ago, visual content dominated social media, but that shift is now moving towards video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

Social Media Examiner reported that 63% of businesses use video in their content, and a HubSpot survey said that 54% of consumers crave video content from a brand or business they support.

This tells us that the use of video is at an all-time high, yet consumers still want more. We stay on top of all the latest social trends for you to ensure that the content you push out is strategic and optimized to your audience.

Where should I post?

We’ll also help you choose the right channels to get your messages across in the most effective way possible.

Don’t spread yourself too thin and post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, AND YouTube.

Take a look at your financial budget and the resources you have available to determine which platforms will be most beneficial for your business.

How can I get my content out there?

Getting your content out to the masses organically is a tall task unless you’ve got an active fanbase or create something that goes viral.

We’re able to expand the reach of your content and increase traffic to your site with targeted social media advertisements.

It’s no longer just about throwing money on a post and hoping to see a return on your investment. We have experience developing strategic campaigns, ad funnels, and targeted audiences to ensure the right message is going to the right users.


How can I keep my current fans happy?

Reaching out to other users is great, but you also still need to nurture your loyal fans who’ve been there since day one.

Whether it’s responding to questions about your products or services, thanking people for their positive comments, or resharing tagged content, showing users that you’re actively replying to inquiries on your page will build credibility.

How can I grow my fan base?

Similar to increasing your muscle strength and size at the gym, building a fan base does not happen overnight. We will drive fans to your social channels from other digital marketing outlets to build a real, and most importantly active, audience.

Proactively engaging with users (not just ones who are already following your page) is crucial to social media growth. This means commenting on likeminded posts or following users that fit your brand persona and starting new conversations.

We implement strategic outreach programs on your behalf, with targeted messaging and funnel development to generate new business opportunities.

What if people have bad things to say about my business?

There will always be detractors and unhappy customers, and it’s crucial to be transparent and address issues and complaints head-on.

The goal is to flip the script and turn a bad situation into a positive one for your other fans to see. We’ll teach you the right, and wrong, ways to respond.


Is any of this actually effective?

When we run a social media management campaign, we will set up online tools to measure the success of your campaigns. No more guesswork or taking a spray and pray approach, just data and analysis.

These tools provide reports and insights into audience demographics, website traffic, follower growth and more.

With our findings, we’ll reevaluate what we’re running and tweak our approach as needed.

Why use Glenmont’s Social Media Management Services?

Discounted social media services are readily available, though it is not something that we offer at Glenmont Consulting.

The days of blasting out social content on autopilot are in the past, and we’re looking to the future.

We treat your social media campaigns as if they’re our own, and run them accordingly by taking a data-driven, step-by-step, and goal-oriented approach. Our team has years of experience doing marketing differently, and we will adjust our tactics accordingly to align with what your business wants to accomplish.

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