Here is Why Email Marketing is Not Dead in 2019 and Beyond

Have you heard people say that email marketing is dead?

There’s a good chance you hear this regularly if you work in marketing and sales, as many people like to say that this kind of marketing is over.

Just a few years ago, using promotional newsletters and other forms of marketing emails was a great way to increase the size of a business’s customer base and it also proved to be an effective way to attract new customers to a brand.

But is that really the case these days?

Well, if you look at all the facts and statistics behind email marketing, you’ll see that all of those naysayers might be wrong.

It looks like email marketing is not dead, and it’s actually very much alive and kicking. All the naysayers are buying into a misconception that many people have taken as the truth.

Read through this informative blog post if you want to find out exactly why email marketing isn’t over. We’ve also included why you still should use this effective marketing resource in 2019 and beyond!

Why Do People Think Email Marketing Is Over?

There must be a reason some people are convinced that email marketing is over, right? Well, these could be the two main reasons.

Data Seemed To Take Over

I’m sure you’ll have heard a lot about data in recent years. In fact, you will no doubt already be working closely with the data that your company gathers from various analytical tools.

It’s a useful resource as it can give you an insight into how well your brand is performing and the kinds of things you can do to improve and even grow your audience.

Over recent years, as the power of data has been tapped into, many people have realized that it has become too big for its boots.

Customers are now wary about giving away too much data in case their privacy is violated. As a result, people are now cautious about who they hand their email address to, as it could result in a lot of spam in their inbox.

People Believed New GDPR Laws Would Ruin Email Marketing

To protect the public’s data and to ensure that spamming was kept to a minimum, GDPR laws were brought in. These restrict how companies can harvest data and prevent it from being sold on to third parties.

Marketers had to change how they managed their email marketing. They were required to give potential subscribers new opt-out options and had to be clear about how a new subscriber’s data would be collected and stored.

People thought this would mark the death of email marketing as they believed hardly anyone would consent to hand over their personal data.

Why Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Thankfully, though, if you look at the facts and figures, they show that email marketing might not be dead. In fact, it looks as though it could be as strong as it’s ever been. Here are a few reasons email marketing doesn’t have to die in 2019.

It’s All About A Good Strategy

You shouldn’t have to worry about your email marketing campaigns as long as you have a strong strategy behind them all.

This strategy should also help to persuade people to sign up for your newsletters, and it will put them at ease with handing over their email address.

The best way to develop a successful strategy for your newsletters is to think of some goals and targets. These can help you shape your strategy to make it a success.

Smarter Tools Make For Better Emails

There are so many great tools and resources that help marketers create top-quality marketing emails these days. If you use these, then it is ever so easy to create engaging emails that grab subscribers’ attention, and will also help you attract a lot more subscribers.

For instance, there are tools out there that can help you with the email’s design so you can create a very stylish and easy-to-read newsletter that will look fantastic.

You’ll also find tools that can give you the upper hand when collecting and analyzing data from all the marketing emails you send out.

If you use all the tools to your advantage, you’ll find that they really up your email marketing game.

Valuable Content Will Always Win Over Customers

It might also be worth reviewing the content you regularly send out in your email newsletters. It needs to be of value for anyone who reads the emails, otherwise, they might see them as spam.

One way to ensure that all of your content is of the best quality is to ensure that it has a message in it that your customers will want to hear. Lots of people are happy to still receive newsletters as long as the content is informative and of high value.

Be sure to remember this so that your email newsletters can continue to thrive!

Millennials Still Use Email

Some people argue that email marketing newsletters will die off because the millennial generation doesn’t use email anymore. That just isn’t the case, thankfully.

In fact, the popularity of smartphones now means that millennials are a lot more likely to use email services as they can download apps to keep connected to their inbox on the go.

So, make sure you are always targeting the younger generation as it’s just not true that they have given up on emailing altogether!

Why You Should Continue To Use Email Marketing

Even though email marketing is not dead, is there still a good enough reason to use it? There sure is! It can help to give your overall marketing efforts a significant boost, especially for these following few reasons.

They Are Engaging Pieces Of Content

When you make any kind of content, it needs to be engaging.

If it isn’t, then it won’t spark any interest in your target audience, and they won’t be persuaded to act on any of the information within it. When done well, email newsletters can be very engaging.

That’s because you can add lots of different media into them, such as copy, video, and embedded tweets. The more varied the content within them is, then the more interesting and engaging they will be on the whole.

Plus, if you put a few calls to action in each newsletter, you will find that it’s a great way to direct traffic to your website or motivate people to purchase your products.

You Can Reach People No Matter Where They Are

When you email someone, there is a great chance they will see your mail and read it even if they are on the go. These days, most people now have emails on their smartphone, so they will be notified whenever a new message drops into their inbox.

Once they see this notification, they’ll likely open the message to look, no matter where they may be. As a result, people will engage with your emails straight after you send them out. You don’t have to wait for a few days until they read your email anymore.

You Can Measure Results

If you don’t already measure and analyze the results and data you get from your email newsletters, then you should be doing. By measuring all the results and data, you can see which kinds of content and information your subscribers are most interested in.

You can then tailor your emails so they always contain the most engaging and sought-after information, which will make them a lot more effective. Measuring these results will also give you an idea of how your business can improve as a whole.

It’s Super Cost-Effective

Sending out emails to your customers will not cost you too much. In fact, most of your marketing budget will stay intact.

As a result, this is a really cost-effective form of marketing. Any money you make from these emails will bring you huge profits as there is pretty much no expense you need to deduct from it at all.

It’s Been Proven To Be More Effective Than Social Media

Some people might be quick to argue that social media marketing is now a lot more effective than email marketing, but that really isn’t the case.

Email newsletters have been shown to be a lot more engaging and bring better clicks onto websites. Not only that, though, but email marketing is a better resource for building brand awareness.

As you can see then, there are so many reasons why email marketing is not dead. It’s still something that all business owners should use throughout 2019 and beyond!