10 Content Marketing Blogs You Should Check Out

Nowadays (mostly) everyone is on the internet.

Obsessed with their mobile phones, laptops or tablets, users scroll through their social media apps trying to see what everyone else is up to.

Members of all generations are posting and sharing videos on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or deciding what filter is best to show off their beach photos on “The Gram”.

Using social media, blogs and other online advertising tools, businesses develop content to market what they are selling or what they do to a larger audience.

A content marketing blog is a popular method of sharing such content. Less formal, audiences can familiarize themselves with the brand or products and are enticed into purchasing or following the advice on the articles.

So what are some top content marketing blogs (outside of our own) on the internet that will catch your attention and persuade you to read on?

10. Heidi Cohen

At number 10 is Heidi Cohen’s blog. Run by the Chief Content Officer, the blog focuses on how to improve your business through her handy Actionable Marketing Guide.

Laid out in a more traditional blog fashion, it shows you how to use social media, your personal blog and more across the internet. It is a fun and easy blog to read.

9. Social Media Explorer

Full of color, this text-heavy content marketing blog offers handy tips and tools you can use to develop your business.

Founded in 2009, it aims to make digital marketing and social media more accessible. Through their blog, you can discover the latest trends and topics.

8. Inbound Internet Marketing

With a modern layout, this stylish blog has everything marketing, sales and customer service related, with the latest industry happenings.

Mixing formal topics with informal writing, each article is easy to read and funny. They use a bold font, bright pictures and catchy titles to draw you in and keep you intrigued throughout the process.

7. SocialMedia Examiner

Created in 2009 by Michael Stelzer, SocialMedia Examiner focuses on how social media can benefit your business. The design of the website itself is unique, with extraordinary imagery, icons and colors.

Simple to navigate, it lays out articles so they are easy to click on while creating engaging content for the reader. Accessible by those of all ages, it puts a fun twist on the traditional marketing blog.

6. Copyblogger

Created by Brian Clark, an entrepreneur and writer, Copyblogger is a content marketing agency that focuses on the art of words and how they attract attention, drive traffic to your site and grow your business.

An ideal tool for business owners, online content in their eyes is the future. With their use of “your”, top *insert number here* tips and other captivating titles they draw users in with no fluff, getting straight to the point.

5. MarketingExperiements

On the other end of the spectrum, MarketingExperiments aims at optimizing marketing and sales processes by conducting various online experiments.

A more formal blog, it has helpful tips on essential topics from copywriting to E-Commerce marketing and SEO.

4. Conversation Agent

Created by speaker, business advisor and writer Valeria Maltoni in 2006, Conversation Agent discusses the impact of culture and technology on human behavior and business.

As you scroll down the page, you’ll see all the articles without clicking on an external link.

This is perfect for less tech-savvy users and saves time when deciding what to read. Bold subheadings catch your eye and the details make each article distinct.

3. Brian Solis

Brian Solis’ (who is a principal analyst, author, writer and keynote speaker) blog features tips on how to transform your business.

With unique and creative imagery, each article focuses on a different topic, whether that be the impact of social media, customer experience or modern technology.

2. TopRank Blog

One of the most acclaimed marketing companies, TopRank Marketing was created in 2001 by Susan Misukanis and Lee Odden.

With online marketing content for a variety of companies such as LinkedIn and Dell (along with businesses in other industries), the blog features a range of infographics, how to lists, top 10 lists and more.

By giving out helpful hints and tips on how your business can be successful online, each article is unique and easy to read.

?Drum roll please ?You’ve done it! You’ve reached the end of our list. But which blog takes the number one spot?

1. Convince & Convert

Here it is! Founded by Jay Baer in 2008, Convince & Convert is an online marketing business that advises other businesses on how to attract customers on the internet, how to create click-worthy content and how to distinguish themselves from their competition.

The blog itself stands out because of its quirky beige/orange images. Drawing the eye with bold text and use of “how to”, “top five *insert rest of title*” along with “what happens next” titles and subheadings, it makes you want to discover what each article is all about.

Last Words

These content marketing blogs make for an interesting read, no matter if you own a business, are thinking of starting one or are interested in the world of marketing. By publishing content that is relevant, nice to look at and entertaining to read, they stay on top of their game and rank high in searches in their own unique ways.

If you want to up your game, create your own content marketing blog that uses click-worthy titles and eye-catching imagery, which will make it informative and entertaining to read. Not everyone wants formal content all the time, so spruce it up a little by making your blog light-hearted.