How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Firm

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Is digital marketing for your business becoming a challenge for you? Are you getting left out on the most recent digital marketing trends? If you are, you might look for a full-service marketing agency.

Not all business owners have the time to take care of their website’s digital marketing. You may find yourself too busy to follow through with your marketing strategies. Or, you may find sudden difficulty in creating blog posts or social media posts for your website.

This is where outsourced marketing firms or departments benefit you. They help bring your digital marketing vision to completion. Others even help you develop new strategies that may fit your business better.

In this post is our guide on how to choose the best digital marketing firm for your business.

1. Know Your Needs and Your Budget

Every company has unique digital marketing needs. Your company likely also has a certain budget for digital marketing services. Before you look for an outsourced digital marketing department, know those needs and understand your budget well.

You should be able to describe your business needs for SEO and advertising. This way, you know what kind of digital marketing agency you’re looking for.

For example, only 15% of businesses were using AI in 2018. Now that it’s in the trending for digital marketing strategies, join the fad. You’ll need a digital marketing firm that knows and specializes in using AI.

It’s also wise to look at your budget before you hire any digital marketing agency. How much are you willing to spend on outsourced digital marketing? How long will you be working with this marketing agency?

There is often no set price for digital marketing. The costs vary as much as your needs are unique. Every marketing firm offers different fees for different services.

If you want to filter out agencies that offer low-quality services, look at their prices. Often, firms that have low fees also offer low-quality services. Why would you go the extra mile if there isn’t enough incentive?

Not that not all high-charging companies offer the best results. Some charge too much for less than satisfactory results. To find out how to identify the legitimate ones, keep reading.

2. Double-Check the Marketing Firm’s Qualifications

Are you a startup business in need of an experienced digital marketer? If you are, you need a marketing firm that knows the fundamentals of a great marketing plan for startups. There are tons of firms that offer that but are they qualified to?

There are many website builders on the internet that anybody could get access to today. Some can build sites for marketing firms that don’t have the certifications to be in the business. You’re investing time and money so you want a certified digital marketing agency.

Having the right certifications and qualifications is a mark of competence and professionalism. One way to see this in a marketing company is to look for a Google Partners badge. Another is when they’re featured in business magazines or other trusted publications.

3. Check the Metrics They Use

Your digital marketing agency will speak to you in numbers and statistics. They will use metrics, KPIs and analytics to justify their monthly fees. For a full understanding between both parties, you need to make sure you both use the same metrics.

To get a clue about their work, ask for an example progress report from the marketing agency. Look back to your digital marketing goals. From there, determine if their performance indicators apply to your business.

Do their indicators meet the goals of your site? If, for example, your digital marketing goal is to gain more traffic, does the agency help you reach that? With defined goals, you’ll know what type of digital marketing firm you want to work with.

It’s also good to note how valuable their reports are. Reports that look like they’re created by AI only won’t be very helpful to you. You want something that a person touched or worked on at the least.

You’re hiring people and not robots to market for you.

4. Research Their Credibility

The role of marketing in the digital era is complicated, but it can be simplified. Good digital marketing should allow for your business and brand to grow. It should help you build rapport, trust, and goodwill with your target audience.

It should also be able to put you up as an expert in your niche or industry. There are many other important scopes that digital marketing agencies offer you. In this era of digital relations, however, digital marketing is a dedicated business.

Therefore it’s important to assure that they are credible companies.

Check each digital marketing company for legitimacy by researching them. Are the testimonials about their services authentic? Are those giving testimonials on the marketing agency real people?

Do your research and remember that Google is your friend. Look through review sites for client assessments on a digital marketing firm. Make sure you look through both negative and positive reviews to see where its weaknesses and strengths lie.

5. Look for a Marketing Firm that Offers Full Transparency

Before you make your decision, remember to demand full transparency.  Check the marketing agency’s website and look for a contact page. If possible, look for a physical address, bios, and a client list.

Be wary of marketing firms that make big promises with cheap charges. Be very careful with you make deals with and spend your money on. If a company seems to hide something, it most likely is and that kind of business partner isn’t worth your time.

According to studies, up to 94% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency. When a company discloses all the information with you, it’s showing it is trustworthy. Trust then gets built between you and the marketing agency.

One way to check is to search the internet for reviews and ratings of the digital marketing firm, as we said before. However, there is another way to do and that is to ask the firm for client references. Every marketing agency has had a bad engagement with a client or two.

Ask them for a client reference from an arrangement that didn’t work out so well. They should be able to share with you these experiences in which they learned from. Remember to call the referenced client for their side of the story so you don’t form a biased opinion.

6. Find an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

How small or specific is the niche for your website? How technical are your website and target audience? Will your digital marketing agency be able to market it?

If your site is very industry-specific or in-depth, you need an agency that can adapt. The key to communicating well with your target audience is to speak their language. A marketing firm should “speak the language” to communicate with your target audience.

The key is to choose an agency that specializes in marketing for your field or industry. For example, your website aims to sell legal services for veterans. What you need is a digital marketer with some knowledge in the legal system.

However, note that not all firms are the best choices for you.

Some agencies are in the industry for so long and have had tons of experience. Yet they may not have the proper approach for your business needs. They may be in the right niche but don’t have the right services for you.

For example, you know that businesses that allow for user-generated content in their social networks have a 4.5% higher conversion rate. Thus, you want a marketing firm that allows the same for your social media sites on reptile husbandry. The problem could lie in a firm that tries to reach reptile owners with a cookie-cutter approach.

This is where agencies with fewer notches under their belt shine. They may not have as much experience as older firms, but they offer a fresh set of eyes. They take a new approach that boosts your business and unlock a stagnant strategy.

Start Working with the Best Digital Marketing Firm

That’s it for our guide on how to choose the best marketing firm for your website or business. As we said before, digital marketing is a focused area of business expertise. It takes time and dedication to reach your goals with your marketing strategies.

All good digital marketing agencies offer their best services. The key to finding your ideal marketing partner is a good client-agency relationship. If they can do the job and you enjoy working with them, then they’re most fitting for you.

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