Video Production

71% of consumers watch more video content online than they were last year.

Have you made video production a priority in your digital marketing strategy yet?

With access to production tools and applications at our fingertips, anybody can become a self-proclaimed video content expert.

While we think it’s great that the masses are taking visual content production into their own hands, we can’t stress enough the importance of your messaging.

Glenmont Consulting is here to hone in on your video messaging strategy and guide you through the written content development, pre-production and post-production stages. Our goal is to keep what you’re trying to communicate clear and consistent across all channels and present it in a unique and engaging way.

Begin with our standard approach

Following our usual consulting methodology, we’ll start with a friendly conversation to figure out your needs and wants.

What are you trying to accomplish with your video content? Where do you want to publish your content? How are you currently producing your content? What are your goals?

These are the types of questions we’ll get out of the way from the get-go so we can move forward in the best way possible. Before we dive deeper into the three primary stages of video production, we’ll review some types of video content along with distribution channels, as these should be considered before creating any content.

Types of Video Content & Distribution

Video content is leveraged in a number of different ways. Popular mediums include social channels, website, mobile device, television and movies.

When it comes to social content, different types of videos will serve different purposes. For example, the same piece of content can be effectively repurposed cross-platform and also through different features.

If you create a 5-minute long video for YouTube, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t chop that video down to one minute and use as an Instagram post. If you want to take it next-level, you can even chop it down into a 15-second clip to use for an IG story.

We can also help produce any form of corporate or commercial business video content. This can include but is not limited to anything from advertising spots, interviews, testimonials, how to tutorials, product demos, fundraising campaigns, event coverage and live streaming.

Advanced formats we have experience with are animation, 360º, drone, virtual reality, green screen and CGI.

Planning and writing

Now that you’re aware of all the different types of video content and the platforms available for you to distribute through, the next step is to develop a strategic plan of action.

We’ll come up with general content ideas based on the questions you answered when we first started, and take an unbiased approach when it comes to deciding which to move forward with.

Our team can assist in writing your script and creating any copy that is needed. We’ll also determine what your budget is for this video project, and what tactics we can utilize to best optimize what you’re willing to spend.


Once we’ve got the ideas down on paper, then it’s time to figure out the actual logistics of filming and creating this video content.

We’ll strategize what video and lighting equipment will be required, and what additional tools will be used to edit the content, whether it be professional computer software or simple iPhone applications.

If you need help scouting locations or with set design, our creative experts can guide you through that as well. We can do the same for casting calls along with hair, makeup, and styling.

Post-Production Techniques

Once filming is complete, it’s time for post-production. As explained above, at this point you should already have in place your editing tools, whether it be phone applications or computer programs.

This stage also includes adding all the fancy bells and whistles that will make your content pop, which consists of adding your personal branding and logos, plugging in music or voiceovers, adding captions and other trending video editing tactics.


Just like that, your video content is produced and ready to be distributed across the various digital channels. As we discussed earlier, it’s not difficult for just about anyone to create and edit basic videos using free tools from their phones.

And if you can do that, we encourage you to do so!

Like everything else in digital marketing though, you get what you pay for. People have the ability to easily create their own production value, but for us what’s truly valuable is coming up with a consistent message and a strategic plan to communicate that message to both your followers and new fans you hope to acquire.

Once the systematic steps are defined, then it’s all about execution. That’s how Glenmont Consulting will help you stand out from the rest.

If you’re interested in learning more about our consulting approach to video production, get in touch with us today.