Web Design & E-commerce Website Services

Before you build a new website, you first need to consider what type of website you want. Web design and development services can vary based on your industry, the owned assets you already have established and your future business goals. Below, we detail the primary website development services that Glenmont Consultants provide for companies and organizations.

Static Websites

Some of the most basic websites on the internet are known as static websites. Though they may seem primitive, they can still serve a valuable purpose for some businesses. The content on these sites is not regularly updated – it simply remains there to be found by new users over time. All website visitors see the same content on static sites.

Static website designs are simple and straightforward to build. They utilize HTML code in order to string together multiple pages that connect to a server and become what we know as a website. Many static websites are there simply to provide information. If that’s all you’re looking to do with your site, consider a static website as the solution for your business.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are not set in stone the way static websites are. They’re regularly updated and will show different content on each new visit. For example, your blog might have fresh content that’s added to your site, or if you’re an e-commerce website, you may periodically add new product SKUs to your site.

Dynamic sites are interactive and personalized, which makes them more appealing to many business owners who are looking to sell. If your site feels alive and interactive, which is difficult with a static site, you’re chances of “wowing” your customers increases. That said, they are more complex to design and develop, and site speed may be impacted.

Responsive Websites

Mobile responsive website development is becoming more important than ever before

as people are using smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. They’re designed to fully fit those viewing platforms, while also offering an optimal browsing experience to anyone using a computer.

More and more websites are now designed with the needs of mobile devices in mind, and this trend is only growing. It’s particularly important for sites to consider their user base, and if their target audiences are more likely to browse via smartphone or desktop to ensure the proper responsive design elements are in place.

E-commerce Websites

As consumers, we expect the platforms we use to be smooth, secure and easy to navigate. The main goals of an e-commerce website are:

  1. To allow customers to purchase your product or services
  2. To keep your customers’ sensitive financial information safe and secure.

E-commerce website development is centered around companies selling direct to consumer, or as a multivendor marketplace such as Shopify, Etsy or eBay. With all of the custom web design features and functionality that our team can offer, your e-commerce website will stand out from your competitors.

SME Websites

SME websites, or small and medium enterprise websites, are designed to provide the core online presence for a small to medium-sized business. Most are there to let users know what the business is about, what kinds of services they offer and how the business can be located and contacted. Small and medium-sized organizations don’t always have excessive budgets to work with, but they can compete with a strong SME website design.

Getting an edge online allows these businesses to grow and push their professional branding out to consumers. Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress make it possible for web developers to build reliable websites rapidly, so these businesses can start running their digital campaigns.


From public search engines to secure internal management systems, custom designed portals can provide added value to your business. A good portal streamlines employees day to day routines and leads to improved efficiency and productivity. Many schools and governing bodies utilize portals to manage their workflows.


Blogs provide a consistent avenue to create and publish original content, the goal of which is to drive traffic and improve Google search rankings. Blogs can be leveraged for current events and time-sensitive content, or simply to tell a story and educate potential customers.

When developing a blog, it’s imperative that visitors have an easy time finding the content that they desire. Users should be encouraged to engage with blog content and share to their own sites or across other digital channels, not discouraged by an overflow of content in disarray.

Designing the right website for your business’s specific needs is essential to ensure online success. If your website isn’t up to par, you won’t see the results you desire.

With the professional website development and web design services from Glenmont Consulting, you’ll get a website that enhances the customer experience and drives quality traffic to your products or services offered. Contact us today to learn more about our services.