Top 25 Best Business Marketing Ideas

Struggling to come up with a new marketing strategy that won’t break the bank?

Here are 25 of the best business marketing ideas.

1. Send a Newsletter

Email isn’t dead.

If you provide valuable content, you won’t have to worry about emails to your customers going to spam.

Include call-to-actions, whether they are to go to your site, contact you or watch a video.

2. Create a Mascot

A character or persona is great to have in marketing because customers will easily connect to them.

They’ll remember it, and once they remember you, they’ll be more likely to buy from you again.

3. Write a Blog

Building a blog is a great business marketing idea to push out search-friendly content without cluttering other pages on your website.

It also provides a resource for more informative content that potential customers can connect to.

4. Get on YouTube

YouTube is an easy platform to deliver video content to an audience.

This platform also has SEO value if you properly optimize your videos, but they should deliver fun and engaging content.

5. Seek Customer Feedback

Asking for feedback from your current or past customers is a great way to show that you care about their needs and opinions.

It’s also a noninvasive way to interact and collect valuable insights.

6. Pay it Forward

Donating to charity won’t just give you good karma.

It can help provide media buzz and ultimately attract interest from users who otherwise would be unfamiliar with your business.

This content is great to advertise on your website.

7. Brand Your Vehicles

It’s not difficult or costly to brand a vehicle. Look for simple decals and plaster that name or logo across the doors or windows.

Include a number and you’ll be amazed how many calls you get. Bonus points for your website and social media links.

8. Run a Contest

Customers love a creative contest.

Set one up and offer incentives or rewards for those who enter.

9. Leverage User Generated Content (UGC)

Customers are always generating content, whether it be directly or indirectly.

Maybe they tweeted a meme in response to your post, or tagged a photo at your location on Instagram.

If it’s getting positive engagement, re-share it to your own company profiles./

10. Try One-On-One Marketing

Sometimes it’s smart to focus on individuals rather than groups.

This makes the customer feel special, respected and valued.

Even wishing customers a happy birthday can be an effective one-on-one marketing strategy.

11. Create Infographics

Infographics are bite-sized and shareable business marketing ideas. You’ll be amazed at how much one infographic can be shared if it’s interesting or entertaining.

They can be chopped up and social postings. There are even free tools that let you build these in minutes.

12. Read on Reddit

If your business is niche, Reddit might be the place to be.

You’ll find a sub-page for any topic you can think of on this platform.

As long as you providing high-quality content and don’t over-sell, Reddit users will love you.

13. Provide Instructions

There’s no need to always start with a hard sell.

Why not provide a few instructional videos or articles that potential customers can find online?

By solving their problems and providing value, you won’t even need to market your product to make sales.

14. Create Business Cards

Business cards help get your foot in the door with potential clients you’ve met in person.

Try out online tools that let you design and print your own custom business cards.

Make your business card stand out and ensure its eye-catching.

15. Take Part in Local Events

Success in business is about more than just sales numbers.

Make sure a local audience takes notice of your company by getting involved in a community event.

16. Host a Webinar

Customers love rich content that provides real value to them.

A webinar allows you to deliver educational resources to potential customers who are interested in what you have to say.

It’s easy to learn how to set up a webinar with several free tools available online.

17. Go Guerilla

Guerilla marketing leverages creative business marketing ideas on a limited budget.

With a unique guerilla campaign, you can build more buzz than the bigger businesses in the market.

The more outside the box you go, the more successful your campaign will be.

18. Apply for Awards

You don’t need to wait to be nominated for a prestigious award.

Nominate yourself for an industry award if you’re able. You’ve got nothing to lose./

And imagine what happens if you win…

19. Switch Up Your Logo and Tagline

Customers are more likely to remember your logo than your name.

They’re also more likely to remember a witty tagline better than any content you produce.

Make sure they are as strong as possible. If they are not delivering the results you want, change them up.

20. Print a Brochure

Brochures are never seen as junk mail if they provide useful, relevant information that customers are interested in.

You just need to ensure that your brochures provide great content and a way for clients to reach out to your company if they want to.

21. Ask for Referrals

Referrals are one of the easiest ways to grow your customer base.

The best part is that all you need to do is ask your current customers.

Consider offering incentives along with a clear call-to-action.

Don’t be shy, but also ask politely.

22. Attend a Conference

Conferences are filled with eager buyers, companies seeking partnerships and investors looking to spend cash.

Attend a few of these, rub shoulders with the right people and try to get the attention that your business deserves.

23. Refresh Old Content

You probably have content that performed well in 2015, and it still might.

It’s time to dig into those archives and breathe life back into this content.

Update it with fresh information, new stats and make it appealing to new customers that didn’t see it the first time.

24. Perform Demonstrations

If you’re selling a product, consider setting up a presentation or demonstration on how it works.

These business marketing ideas are performed often in stores. What you might not realize is that a company likely arranged it and presented themselves for marketing.

25. Guest Post

Guest posting is a business marketing idea for you to connect with a new audience.

These published will present your business, brand or individual with authority and respect.