Why Google Reviews are Important & Our Tips to Get Them

Do you notice the reviews that customers are leaving for your business on Google?

If not, it’s time to look.

If they aren’t positive, your business might need a major overhaul to make improvements and changes.

By improving the customer experience, you increase the likelihood of getting more positive reviews.

Here are some key reasons Google reviews are crucial for local and small businesses.

Why Local Businesses Need Google Reviews

Consumers Always Read Reviews Before Making Decisions

Online reviews end up having a real-life impact on the companies and brands that consumers use.

That’s because many potential customers will look online for Google reviews before they decide who to spend their money with.

Customers want to buy the best quality products or services, and they want good customer service.

By checking reviews, they can see where other consumers had the best, or worst, experiences.

If you have no Google reviews, users will have a hard time finding real feedback on your business.

Good Reviews Improve Trust In Brands

Accumulating positive reviews helps improve the trust that the public has in your company and increases your market share.

If you ask any member of the public which brands they trust the most, you’ll find that many will say that it’s directly correlated to the frequency and quality of reviews they have.

They Give Local SEO A Boost

If you’ve been seeking new ways to breathe some extra life into your local SEO, then Google reviews might be your solution.

There are many factors that go into determining what a website’s search ranking is.

Some of these factors are a mystery to even the best marketers, but one thing is for sure – getting quality Google reviews helps boost your local SEO.

A significant percentage of Google search results are driven by the quality and number of reviews that a business has.

Try to get as many positive reviews as you can so you can rise through the search engine rankings!

They Help With Lead Generation

If you look at the numbers and data behind Google reviews, you’ll see that positive reviews help generate new leads.

If a company has good reviews on display, potential customers will be more likely to click to their site and find out more about them.

If there are lots of unanswered, negative reviews, people won’t show as much interest and might look elsewhere.

The Best Tools And Tips To Get More Google Reviews

Now you know that you need to get more Google reviews. But what can you do to encourage your current customers to leave them?

Here are a few great tips and tools that can help you do just that:


To free up your own time, you could use a review tool like grade.us, a review management software.

Without lifting a finger, this software will automate how you acquire reviews.

It also monitors reviews, analyzes data from them and amplifies the impact that all good reviews have.

Add It To Employee Signatures

People often forget about the creative ways they can use the signature section of their email.

Most just add their contact details and leave it at that, but there are so many other ways you can use your signature!

You can add a link and remind customers to leave a review.

This shouldn’t just be in your own signature – make sure all of your employees and team members add it to theirs.

Create A Marketing Campaign Around Reviews

You could create a marketing campaign around Google reviews.

As you can see from everything we’ve mentioned, Google reviews are useful and are worthy of your investment.

Why not start a marketing campaign centered on them? This will encourage more people to go online and review your business.

Add A Call-To-Action On Your Website

If your website’s SEO is up to par, then there will be high traffic daily.

It’s worth adding a call to action to persuade web users to head over to Google so they can leave a review for your business.

We hope this blog post convinces you to become more active in trying to gain more Google reviews.

If not, your competitors surely are. You’d better get started!