What are Good Graphic Design Rates for Your Business

Running a business is always about balancing cost. If you’re investing in services, you want to make sure you are getting a quality solution. At the same time though, it’s important to check that you’re not overpaying on graphic design rates.

You need a good rate from a company you can trust to provide the quality you want. This is important when you hire a graphic designer. The rates for graphic design can vary dramatically on the market.

Are you using a freelancer? If so, then it’s important to be aware they have complete freedom to choose their own rates.

Do not assume that high rates are automatically a sign of the best designer. This is not the case. So, let’s explore key factors about design rates and what you should consider.

What Impacts Graphic Design Rates?

There are a massive variety of factors that can ultimately impact how much you will need to pay for a graphic designer.

These are the location of the freelancer you’re hiring, the work you need and the experience you want.

Does Experience Matter?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Graphic design isn’t as simple as just knowing your way around Photoshop.

The level of experience can have quite a dramatic impact on rates. Someone who has spent an entire career working as a graphic designer will almost always have higher rates than an individual new to the industry.

If they don’t it might be worth asking what’s going wrong.

An individual new to the market isn’t necessarily a bad option. It’s possible they will still deliver an exceptional service. However, you will likely need to be more hands on.

A graphic designer with experience can make it seem like they are reading your mind, deciding you want with no need to ask. A newbie will require a lot of back and forth, corrections and changes until you are happy with the final product.

How Important is Location?

You might think location isn’t an important aspect when determining rates. To an extent, you’re right here. Freelancers can be anywhere in the world, complete the work remotely and send you all the files.

But print design does still exist.

If you want this, you need to think about delivery costs for the final designs. You will find rates are different depending on the country.

A US designer will not be charging the same rates as individuals in the UK. Exchange rates can allow you to get a service for a steal if you shop around.

Type of Design Work

It’s important to note that there is different design work including web design, layout, print design, and branding. You will find that not all designers excel in every form of design.

For instance, if you need branding from scratch, it’s best to find an experienced designer in this area. However, they might have limited or even no experience in print design. Make sure you keep things clear when connecting with a freelancer offering a service.

How Much Will You Pay

The graphic design rate you pay will likely be determined by all the factors we have mentioned above. However, there are some averages to work with here.

If you are looking for a designer with a few years of experience in the western world, you can expect to pay anything up to $35 per hour. For someone who has been on the market for quite some time and has mastered their skills here, it could be close to $70.

The good news is that in other countries like India or the Philippines costs can drop quite a lot. Ultimately, you can expect to pay approximately $20 less per hour if you explore designers in these parts of the world.

While we are talking in hourly rates here you can also find designers that instead charge a flat fee. This can be very attractive as the time your work takes won’t change the cost.

However, this can either lead to a cookie cutter service or paying a lot more than you should. A retainer is another possibility. With a retainer, if you find a designer you like, you can ensure that they keep working for you.

This can cut the cost out as well because the will know that you are a loyal client.

Is Rate the Only Aspect You Should Consider?

Absolutely not, you need to take various factors into account before you settle on the right designer for you. For instance, think about whether they are providing the right style you need.

It’s possible they are not the right designer for you and you should move on. They need to understand what you want to and be willing to deliver it.

If you do not feel like your needs will be met, it’s important to look elsewhere.

To get an idea of the work they can complete for you, check out their portfolio. This will clearly indicate their skill and ultimately what they can bring to the table.

It provides you with real-life examples of what you should expect from their service. The rate should not be the last consideration nor should it be the deciding factor.

It’s just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

Remember, it’s possible that a low rate designer could match your style beautifully. So, you could save money and still get exactly what you’re looking for.

This is again about not being blinded by the rates. Don’t immediately seek the cheapest and don’t assume that the highest equal the best.


Ultimately, graphic design will always be a vital part of your marketing campaign. So it is crucial that you find the right graphic design rates.

At the same time you need to keep your business budget friendly and your costs under complete control. We hope this helps you understand a little more about the rates you’ll see on the market.