Looking for Marketing Consultant Firms NYC? Consider This Instead

If you own a business, and you’re on a mission to boost sales and generate interest in your brand, you may think about hiring a new marketing agency.

If you’re looking for in marketing consultant firms in NYC, there is no shortage of options, but how far should you cast your net, and what should you be looking for?

You might assume that opting for a central agency in the hustle and bustle of the city is the best option, but have you ever thought about the possibility of saving money by working with consultants based outside of Manhattan’s most famous streets and avenues?

Here’s a guide to NYC’s marketing consultant firms, the benefits of considering firms outside of the city, and some tips to help you find the best option for your budget.

Marketing consultant firms in NYC

New York City is one of the most densely populated urban areas for marketing agencies. If you took a moment to conduct a search online, you’d be greeted with a long list of businesses looking to attract your attention and encourage you to click on their links and check out their websites.

Although it’s always beneficial to have a choice, the sheer number of marketing firms based in NYC can make it difficult to narrow down the options. For those searching for a centrally located agency, here are some examples:


Based on W38th Street, and with offices in Boston and San Francisco, Neoscape is a creative, full-service marketing agency, which uses the latest digital marketing techniques to put businesses on the map. This agency prides itself on adopting original, innovative methods to catch the eye of consumers.


Offering social media advertising, branding and aesthetic services, web design and site optimization and digital marketing strategizing, Koncepte is a Central Avenue agency, which hails creative thinking and ideas-based planning as its USP.


Boasting a clutch of high-profile brands and multinational corporations, Integer is a results-driven marketing agency, which is focused on three main priorities: its team, its clients, and its body of work.

Ruckus Marketing

A forward-thinking digital marketing agency, Ruckus works with a broad spectrum of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. A full-service agency with expertise in web design, mobile optimization, SEO, interactive marketing and app development, Ruckus has an extensive list of high-profile clients and social influencers on its books.


Based in the heart of Manhattan’s Broadway, MKG is a modern marketing firm, which promotes a method of branding that is founded on connecting with consumers and creating targeted campaigns. With trendy offices and teams full of young creatives, MKG has offices in NYC and Los Angeles.


Ironpaper is a marketing firm, which specializes in growth and lead generation. Using digital marketing techniques and innovative web design, this agency promises to boost results and increase sales by increasing both the number and quality of leads for B2B tech companies.


An innovative marketing agency, which focuses on social media and influencer marketing, Socialfly boasts a team of photographers, writers and experienced marketing strategists. Using a combination of tried and tested techniques and original ideas, this a marketing firm that caters for businesses looking to build a client base in the social age.

Mekanism New York

A quirky digital marketing agency that believes firmly in the power of branding through storytelling, Mekanism New York solves everyday business problems and sales dilemmas using a blend of strategic thinking, innovation and eye-catching design. Mekanism New York offers a host of services, from content creation and video and image production and editing to distribution via social channels.

CSM LeadDog

A turnkey marketing firm with offices in New York and San Francisco, CSM LeadDog offers an array of services, from strategy development and marketing experiments to web design, branding and social media marketing. Catering for modern-day clients, this agency also focuses on eco-friendly initiatives.

Happy Cog

Happy Cog brands itself as a pioneer in web design and digital branding. Specializing in creating user-friendly, unique websites, Happy Cog promises to help brands attract new customers by promoting content and designing a user experience that offers something new and exciting.

The Spark Group

A boutique marketing agency nestled in the heart of the Big Apple, The Spark Group doesn’t like to think of itself as a group of marketers. Instead, it brands itself as a collection of storytellers eager to work with businesses to get their message across in a way that is appealing and enticing for consumers and customers. Using branding, web design, video production, social and search marketing and social influencer marketing services, the aim is to bring a story to life.

Path Interactive

Boasting offices in NYC and Nashville, Path Interactive is a results-driven agency, which utilizes services like PPC, web design, SEO and social media marketing to improve CTR and boost ROI. This firm prides itself on adopting a holistic approach to modern marketing.


Viewing marketing in the digital age as alchemy, 360i is a unique marketing consultant firm that believes that success is achieved by understanding the need for an inquiry, getting social and being inspired by, rather than afraid of challenges. With a focus on reinvention, modernization and evolution, 360i takes proven methods and adjusts and adapts them to suit the needs of the individual client and the target market.

Vab Media Digital Agency

An integrated digital marketing agency, Vab Media specializes in local and national SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content creation and distribution and landing page optimization. Vab Media also offers analytic and performance management services and the client list ranges from brand new startups and fledgling businesses to well-established global brands.

The O Group

With offices in Seattle and NYC, The O Group is a creative agency, which aims to boost the profile of luxury brands and create an attachment between companies and consumers. The aim is to advertise with emotion and create an experience that will enchant and impress customers with a taste for the finer things in life.


Specializing in marketing for finance and tech companies, Cognito is a PR, communications and marketing agency, which offers integrated services designed to enhance reputations, raise brand profiles and facilitate growth.

PBJ Marketing

Labeled as ‘digital dreamers’ on their brand website, PBJ Marketing is a creative agency that offers web design, paid media marketing, social media and SEO and brand development and strategy management.

Considering Options Outside of NYC

It’s clear, even from a simple, quick Google search, that NYC has more than its fair share of marketing consultant firms.

While some businesses will only consider agencies based in the heart of the city, it’s wise to explore additional options if you’re looking for a marketing company for a startup, or you’re thinking about switching from one agency to another to try and improve results for an established business.

There are benefits of exploring a slightly larger geographical area when searching for a marketing firm to drive your business forward, especially if you have a limited budget, and you’re looking to get more for your money.

Here are some benefits of considering options outside of NYC:


Most of us know that living and working in the center of a city like New York can be expensive. When exploring different marketing agencies, cost is likely to be a factor in the decision-making process, especially for small businesses and startups.

You often find that prices in NYC are significantly higher than fees charged by agencies in the suburbs, although the selection of services is the same. Even a few miles can equate to substantial savings.

If you’re willing to cast the net a little further and look at agencies are around 15-45 minutes outside of the city, for example, you could find that you save a huge amount of cash without sacrificing quality.

Marketing agencies in NYC often charge more because it costs more to do business in the city and buying and renting office space are a lot more expensive. These costs are subsequently passed on to customers.

Personalized service

Hiring a marketing firm in the heart of the city may appeal to a high-profile client list or an endless list of awards, but sometimes, firms that are located outside of the urban maze offer a more personalized service.

Firms like Glenmont Consulting, which is just 30 minutes from the bustling avenues of NYC, work with clients to conjure up ideas and create targeted strategies based on the needs, preferences and objectives of the individual client.

Value for money

Finding the best marketing agency isn’t always about opting for the marketing firm that charges the lowest price. Value for money is more important than cost alone. As a business owner, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality services for your money.

You want to benefit from marketing techniques and methods that will increase sales and raise brand awareness.

When you look outside the city, you may find that fees are lower, but also find that your money stretches further, enabling you to reap the rewards of a more comprehensive package.

Are you looking for marketing consultant firms in NYC? If so, have you thought about comparing city center agencies with those based slightly further away from the bright lights and neon signs?

Considering options outside of New York could help you save money without sacrificing quality or results.