8 Clever SEO Techniques to Help New Clients Discover Your Business

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Statistics show that using the right SEO techniques increase conversion rates by 14.6%, beating the 1.7% achieved by traditional methods.

This data explains the exponential growth in the SEO industry, where $72.02 billion was spent on Search Engine Optimization in 2018.

These figures are expected to reach $79.27 billion by 2020!

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Why You Need to Invest in SEO

The increase in the number of internet users gives you a strategic advantage to reach your marketing goals for your business. However, if you want to leverage these internet numbers, you must use the right SEO strategies to increase your ranking on SERPs, or search engine results pages. Investing in SEO offers you the following additional benefits:

Enhances Your Brand Recognition

Investing in SEO services helps you drive quality traffic to your website, which increases your visibility and trust. Increased visibility means that a customer can find you on the first pages of the SERPs when searching for a particular keyword. If you can’t be found on these pages, you’ll lose your visibility.

Improved Traffic Quality

Huge traffic to your site doesn’t always translate to an increased conversion rate. You need to implement the right SEO strategy and plan to drive relevant traffic to your site. The more you get quality traffic to your site, the more you increase sales on your website.

Increased ROI

Most SEO techniques are budget-friendly, giving you a favorable ground to compete with some of the biggest brands in your niche market. All you need is a working SEO plan to help you increase your visibility.

Helps You Build Your Online Credibility

Many internet users rely on search engines to find reliable brands for any industry. Having your company website ranked among the first search pages shows how credible you are. Focus on building a credible website, and you’ll attract conscious modern customers.

SEO Techniques to Help Your Company Gain Visibility

Are you having trouble attracting new clients online? If so, click here to learn 8 SEO techniques to help your company gain visibility.

1. Perform an SEO Audit on Your Website

Performing an SEO audit includes a detailed examination of the overall performance of your site. Once you determine what’s slowing the search traffic and sales of your site, you need to set new goals and come up with strategies to implement the goals.

A detailed SEO auditing should cover the following areas:

  • Whether your URL is structured for the search engines
  • Checking that your images contain keywords in their ALT tags
  • Whether the meta descriptions and titles of your website are optimized
  • Whether your keywords are correctly optimized without stuffing

2. Understand the Needs of Your Users

Understanding the needs of your customers helps you create content that attracts them. You can learn about customer needs by listening to target customers’ feedback. You can get this feedback by:

  • Reading and responding to your blog post comments
  • Checking posts with the most shares
  • Reading comments on social media such as Quora
  • Posts with high traffic in Google Analytics

3. Ensure Your Landing Pages are Optimized

Having a properly designed landing page increases your lead generation and sales more than a homepage does. A good landing page has the following features:

  • Doesn’t contain any navigation as it’s meant to make the users stay on the page
  • Contains informative content
  • Should have a direct call to action

4. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Most daily searches are performed on mobile devices, making it important to have a mobile-friendly website. Back in 2016, Google updated its search engine algorithms to accommodate mobile-friendly websites. This move made having a mobile-friendly website one of the best SEO strategies you can apply to increase your visibility.

The width of a mobile-friendly website fits in the screen of a mobile device, making it easy to read. If you aren’t sure whether your site optimized for mobile devices, you can confirm using Google’s mobile testing tool.

5. Optimize Your Content for RankBrain

When learning how to build SEO, make sure you familiarize with the latest best SEO strategies and all Google algorithm updates. One such important update is the RankBrain which analyzes a page to determine what it’s about and its relationship with the keyword someone is searching.

Once it has analyzed your content, RankBrain guides Google spiders on how to rank your content based on your intention. By using this algorithm, you no longer need to stuff your keywords to make Google understand your aim. You can avoid keyword stuffing by using synonyms of your main keyword.

6. Make Your SEO Content Better or Create it Differently

This SEO marketing strategy gives you two options, either make existing content better or come up with something new. By creating something better, you look at what is working, polish it, and publish it in a better way.

Creating something different helps you stand out, and increases the likelihood of getting more traffic.

7. Create Valuable Social Posts

Platforms such as Blogger, Quora, and Slideshare can help you gain a following and increase your search ranking even when your website is new. You can leverage Slideshare to increase your traffic by:

  • Finding what’s trending to come up with a topic
  • Create an outline of the main points of the topic you’ve chosen
  • Include supporting images
  • Carefully study successful Slideshares to learn from the experts and determine how you can make yours better
  • Use the information gathered to create your presentation

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8. Make Use of Internal Deep Linking

Deep linking to other pages within your website shows Google that your site has more pages and encourages it to rank those pages too. When deep linking, focus on older landing pages and blog posts instead of the homepage. You’ll be surprised at how much traffic those will get you.

The problem with linking to your homepage is that it results in the highest bounce rate than internal pages do. Deep linking increases your search rankings even on the keywords you thought were tough.

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Search Engine Optimization isn’t something that will phase out soon, but something your website will continuously need. It’s important to master the above SEO techniques and implement them to get more organic traffic to your site.

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