7 Social Media Strategies to Become a Social Butterfly & Make Your Metrics Soar

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According to Forbes, 77 percent of marketers are using social media to market their business. However, only 48 percent see a return on investment by using social media.

By implementing several proven social media strategies to your marketing, you can generate leads and start seeing that return.

Get customers buzzing about your business with these seven social media strategies! As a result, you can float like a social butterfly and sting the competition with strong social media marketing.

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1. Cocoon Customers

Give your customers something to think about. By developing a social media marketing plan, you can discover new opportunities to teach your customers about your business.

Start with a social media marketing strategy that focuses on your company’s value.

What can your product or service do for customers? What problem does it solve?

Educating customers about your product or service can help appeal to their need for information. By providing your customers with answers to their questions, they’ll learn to rely on your company for answers.

With a social media marketing plan, you can simultaneously inform and entertain your customers, too.

That way, they consume the information in a fun, memorable way.

2. Inspiration Blossoms

Product demonstrations or video customer reviews can inspire new customers to reach out.

Show customers fun, creative ways to use your product to help them be innovative. You can even encourage customers to send their own wacky ideas.

By inspiring customers to act on their curiosity, you can also encourage them to interact with your company.

Encouraging engagement helps spur social media followers to visit your website and learn more. It can also encourage them to turn from a website visitor into a potential lead.

Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, inspiring followers can eventually convert them into paying customers!

3. Mix It Up

No two butterflies have the same wings, right? With social media content, your posts shouldn’t look exactly the same, either.

Instead, mix it up by offering your followers diverse content. Determine what type of posts your followers engage with most, then give them more.

This can include videos, photos, podcasts, quizzes and so much more.

By mixing up your social media strategies, you can capture your audience’s attention and keep their interest.

Otherwise, your social media accounts will look bland and lack engagement.

4. Swarm Towards Storytelling

If you really want a social media marketing strategy that gets followers buzzing about your business, tell a story.

Storytelling can make it easier for followers to relate to your business.

Instead of trying to promote your product or service, focus on your customers. Evoking an emotional response can help them connect to your business.

A story also sticks longer in the mind than shameless self-promotion.

Add storytelling to your social media marketing plan and customers will start swarming towards your business!

5. Butterfly Net Influencers

Attracting customers isn’t as complicated as capturing butterflies in a net (or jellyfish for you SpongeBob fans).

Using influencer marketing, you can partner with someone your target audience already trusts. Then, you can leverage their brand and existing audience to generate more business leads.

As a bonus, influencers improve your company’s credibility. That way, customers are more likely to trust your company. It’s like trusting a familiar friend who suggests their favorite product.

Influencers also give your brand a face and personality.

That makes it easier for followers to connect to your business.

A digital marketing consultant can help you find influencers in your industry who are best suited to engage your customers.

6. Land On Loyalty

Your loyal customers are already in love with your brand. By engaging these happy, loyal customers, you can build on that loyalty to attract new followers to your business.

You can even turn these loyal, reoccurring customers into brand ambassadors.

That way, they can show off your product on their own social media platform. Like influencers, brand ambassadors leverage their existing social media audience to benefit your business.

Brand ambassadors also provide your company with social proof, which helps new followers (and soon-to-be-customers) trust your business.

Ask your loyal followers for reviews on your social media accounts. Showing these reviews on your website can help you display social proof there, too.

You can also ask loyal followers to engage with your content by answering questions and offering their opinions. Once other followers see this engagement, they’ll want to take part, too.

Finally, you can motivate loyal followers by offering them incentives. Try fun contests on social media. This also improves your engagement while boosting brand loyalty.

7. Fly Live

In 2017, Instagram grew from 200,000 active monthly advertisers to 1 million. During that time, more accounts started posting live videos to their stories.

The ability to live stream videos can help boost your company’s reach. By leveraging the fear of missing out (FOMO), you can encourage followers to catch your content before it disappears.

Live video can also help humanize your company.

Once followers see a real, live person talk about your product or service, they can develop an emotional connection with your brand.

Live streaming adds authenticity to your content too. As a result, your content won’t feel stiff or scripted.

Use live videos as an opportunity to interact with your customers. Ask them questions and provide answers in real time. This can help followers feel like someone cares about solving their problems.

By flying live, you can encourage engagement and give your company a real, live brand, too!

Get Your Customers Fluttering

monarch butterfly perched on a plant

With these seven social media strategies, you can get followers fluttering about your business online!

Once you increase engagement and get followers abuzz about your business, you can generate new leads. Then, you can convert those leads into paying customers to spur even more business growth.

Don’t wing it when it comes to your marketing. Discover more helpful social media marketing strategies and proven digital marketing methods on our blog!