As we approach the midway point of 2021, we want to push some boundaries and move forward in this digital age. That means more video, and the timing couldn’t be better as we build out a second studio in West Caldwell, in addition to our studio in Hamilton.

We all must get out of our comfort zones with this video initiative as we focus on producing a bunch of video content, being more personal with our digital content, and also continue to focus on the basics.

Produce Video Content

When we say produce video content, we really mean as much of it as possible as quickly as possible. These can be video proposals, video newsletters, carrier sponsored videos. You name it.

You don’t need to have big budget production value in order to make an impact. These videos can be shot on an iPhone for all we care. It all comes down to practice and showing off your personality.

And it’s okay if you’re nervous. We all get nervous in front of a camera at first! There’s nothing wrong with it and it certainly shows authenticity. Which leads us to our next point.

Be Authentic

Now what’s the reason for all these videos you ask? It’s simple. To connect with your customers without actually seeing your customers face to face.

Being as authentic as possible through your digital channels makes an impact.

However, your channels can be authentic beyond just your own videos with one little piece of content. Customer reviews. Reviews, whether on your Facebook page or Google, make all the difference and are the new word of mouth.

Get people to sell your business for you! Reviews are where many people learn about your business before ever considering calling you or filling out a form.

Also, reach out to your customers directly via their Inbox without all the pretty graphics and imagery. While you may think text based emails are old school, that they look like the sender actually wrote them makes a big difference. Sending informative emails that seem personalized, versus non-relevant sales emails, is the way to go.

Go Back to the Basics

Lastly, let’s talk about going back to the basics or sticking to them.

We’re talking about the essential foundations of marketing that all small to midsize businesses should be doing. That includes blogging each month, sending out newsletters monthly, and posting on social media throughout the month. You need to stay in front of your customers and prospective customers, and these are simple ways to do so!

It’s also important to remember that these initiatives are long-term plays and don’t get you the results you want immediately. But stopping is not the answer as you’ll never get them then. Continue to push and eventually results will come. It takes a lot of work to get what you’re looking for and quitting isn’t the answer.

Circling back to social content, if you create good content it will push through the noise and make an impact. No matter what’s going on with Apple and Facebook, and how ads are or aren’t able to target users in the future, if you can produce strong content, it will make waves and potentially go viral.

What Are My Next Steps?

So what’s the secret to the three steps listed above and all the potential they hold? Just get started! Like we said before, it’s intimidating creating video content and trying new things, but it’s where the future is headed.

Whether you are committed to building your own studio or come to one of ours to shoot footage, as many of you recently did, we just want to see you put your face out there as much as possible, while being the authentic people we know you are.

Finally, feedback is always welcome, including what you thought of our initial video newsletter embedded earlier in the blog post. Maybe try sending your feedback via a Loom video?