How to Create Video Content Fast Using Art, Business & Science

Every month, over 2 billion people log in to YouTube to watch videos. Daily, YouTube videos receive billions of views and over a billion hours of watch time.

You know video marketing is a powerful tool, but finding the time to shoot and edit videos is challenging when you’re also trying to run a business.

How can you include video production in your marketing plan and have time for other tasks?

Learning to create video content fast lets you capitalize on the effectiveness of video without video production becoming your full-time job.

The planning process is key to producing videos faster.

Keep reading to learn tips on how to quickly create video content for your marketing campaign.

Have a Process

Don’t reinvent your video process every time you create new content. Find a system that works for you for everything from planning to recording to editing.

Create templates and checklists for each part of the process. When you create new video content, you can plug in the specifics for the new video into those templates.

Always think about how you can make your video production process even better. Which parts of the process take the longest? Can you streamline them to save time?

Create a Content Calendar

Plan your video content for at least a month at a time to streamline the process. If you don’t know what you will shoot, you can’t effectively use your time.

Look at your overall goals for your video content. What do you want viewers to learn? What are you trying to get people to understand about your business?

Consider any timely or seasonal topics you want to include. Educate your insurance clients on winter driving safety to cut down on accidents. Help them understand some recent changes to your industry.

Think about the platforms where you plan to post the videos. Are you using video on social media or your website? Are you creating a YouTube channel?

If you’re posting videos to multiple places and repurposing your content, you must know what types of videos you’re posting in each place.

Use those goals to plan out the videos you want to release. Create a timeline for releasing the videos, so you can create your production schedule.

Batch Similar Videos

Are you planning a series of similar or related video topics? Batch the planning, shooting, and editing process together to make it easier.

Batching means you focus on a specific task. In this case, you’re focusing a specific type of video, and you’re doing all of the production steps together.

Multitasking can decrease productivity by 40%.

By grouping your videos together, you decrease distractions and increase your productivity.

Record Multiple Videos at Once

A similar concept is to record multiple videos at once to create video content fast. This works well if you’re recording the videos in the same location or if they involve similar topics.

Say you’re creating a series on ways you can protect your home and reduce the chances of a home insurance claim.

You can plan one long recording session, then break that video down into several smaller videos.

Setting up your video equipment, finding the perfect light, and recording video take time.

If you can set up once and record multiple videos in that session, you save time on your overall video production.

Use Templates

Video templates can speed up your production process.

You can find YouTube video templates that let you easily plug in your video clips, photos, and other media. You get a polished look without as much work or expertise in video production.

You can also create templates for things you use in all videos. Maybe you use the same intro or credits. Perhaps you use subheads, subtitles, or specific transitions in every video.

Having templates for anything you use in multiple videos helps you create the content faster. You add the specific details for that video, and you’re done.

Keep Your Videos Concise

Part of keeping your production time down is making videos that get to the point quickly. Concise videos hook your viewers and encourage them to watch to the end.

Being concise also means you have less video to shoot. Instead of a rambling 10-minute lead-in to your video, get to the point right away.

Make sure you don’t ramble off onto different tangents in your videos. Stay on topic and present the information quickly and directly without skimping on information.

Know What You’re Going to Say and Do

Having a plan for shooting your video lets you make better use of your time. Start by creating a shot list when you plan your video.

A shortlist means you write down the things you need to record. You can knock out the list quickly to streamline the recording process.

The list ensures you cover everything. It also helps you prepare for the shoot. You can refer to it to help choose your shooting locations and gather any supplies you need for the video.

If you’re creating a very detailed video, such as a complicated tutorial, or have specific things you definitely want to include, consider creating a script.

You don’t have to write down everything word for word. But having a general outline with key things you want to include ensures you fit it all into the video.

Have a Cut Signal

You won’t always get everything perfect on the first take. Maybe you stumbled over your words or made a strange face in the video.

You can make your editing job easier by having a signal you do in your video where you want to cut content. It could be clapping, snapping your fingers, or holding up a colored card.

When you review that content in editing, you can see quickly where you wanted to remove content.

You can also use other signals or hold up other signs for other editing indicators.

You might want to note a spot for a flashback, additional content, or a title page. Pause, hold up the sign to leave room to cut it, then continue.

Use Easy Editing Tools

Editing can slow you down significantly when you create video content. Keep this process as fast and easy as possible with simple editing tools.

What does easy editing mean? That depends on you.

For people who aren’t video pros, that usually means using a basic editing program without lots of extra features.

More advanced editing programs can create some amazing effects. But they also have a very steep learning curve that can slow you down.

Figuring out how to do even the most basic editing tasks in the more complex software can take time.

Experiment with different editing programs to find one that makes sense to you. Look for intuitive processes that are easy to learn on your own.

Many free editing programs are good enough for basic video editing. Look for free trials of paid editing programs to test out the controls and find one that’s easy for you to use.

Hire a Production Company

The fastest and easiest way to get video content for your business is by letting someone else create it. Investing in professional video production is often worth it because of the time it saves you.

Your time equals money for our business. If you’re not working on the tasks that grow your business and generate income, you slow down your progress.

Hiring out your video creation puts most of the workload on the professional. You’ll still be involved in the process, but you won’t have to dedicate as much time to the process.

A company that produces marketing videos already has professional equipment and understands what goes into a quality video.

If you’re not a video content expert, you’ll likely spend a lot of time researching. You may not know how to get the best shot or what goes into a good video.

Editing takes longer when you’re not familiar with the software. The entire process is slower for someone who doesn’t produce videos regularly.

Even though you’re saving money by not paying a company to produce the videos, you may cost yourself more in the long run with the time you take away from your company.

Consider the return on investment when you hire out the process. You save money on your time spent on video production.

A higher-quality video will likely produce better results, which can create more revenue from the campaign.

Paying someone else to produce your videos may be the best financial decision in the long run.

Create Video Content Faster

The faster you can create video content, the sooner you can get it out into the digital world to increase your traffic.

Streamlining the way you plan, shoot, and produce your videos saves you time, so you can focus on other income-generating activities for your business.

Do you prefer to let a professional handle your videos? Check out our services, including video production, to get help with your marketing.