This Sales Tactic Will Help You Land More New Clients

Are you interested in landing more new clients?

If so, then you should definitely consider a sales tactic and gift idea that we created.

We’ve seen fantastic results when using this solution with new clients and existing customers to show that our business values them.

Before we dive deep into this fantastic idea, let’s explore some alternative concepts and why they’re not delivering the results you want.

Cold Calling

Here’s a key statistic that you need to remember about cold calling.

Only 1 in 59 random generated calls will be picked up by a potential lead.

That’s understandable because technology has evolved a lot in recent years.

This means that there’s no need to answer calls when it’s clear that you don’t know the person.

With caller ID systems, it’s easier than ever to recognize a cold call and ignore it completely.

Alternatively, numbers can be blocked, preventing repeat attempts to gain the attention of the same client.

So, why do customers and potential clients fail to respond to cold calls?

Well, first, they know exactly what you are doing.

They know to expect a pure sales pitch, designed to benefit your business rather than them.

There’s nothing personal about a cold call either, particularly if it’s random.

You know nothing about that prospective client or even if the right person has picked up the phone.

Cold calls are also incredibly common.

It’s possible that the average business will need to deal with countless cold calls every day.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your sales tactic is, you will not stand out with this.

A cold call that is picked up isn’t even memorable.

A research report highlighted that only 6% of individuals will remember the information from a cold call.

Even if you get through, the chances of them understanding who you are, what you’re offering and why they should care are slim.

The reality is you probably lost their attention as soon as they realized it was a cold call.


One of the biggest downsides that you will find with cold emailing is that you will not get an immediate response from it.

If the recipient responds, and this is not likely, it will take a while for this to get back to you.

The reason for this is that your email could have easily been sent straight to the spam or junk folder which has led to only 13-26% of business emails being opened on average.

If you’re lucky, yours will be opened, but then you’ve got to wait and see if the potential prospect will respond.

Businesses seem to think because cold emails are easy to send and don’t take long to write, this solves all of their marketing issues.

However, this is a disadvantage as much as it is an advantage because pretty much anyone can send as many emails as they like.

Your business email will be in a lot of competition if you go down this route, and can easily get lost in all the spam mail sent to people’s inboxes these days.

Because of all the cold emails that people receive, trying to make your pitch stand out will be a huge challenge.

Writing Letters

Writing letters is an alternative and some companies prefer it.

By writing a letter, you deliver something that feels a little more personal. It’s also not going to get stuck in a spam folder.

However, that doesn’t mean that the prospect will see it.

A letter can easily get stuck at reception and may never get to the hands of a potential client.

Particularly if it looks like a sales pitch.

Reception staff may even have been provided with instructions to treat these types of notes as junk mail and immediately put them in the trash.

That’s why it’s worth considering how you can conceal what you are offering as something more than a promotional piece of content.

Writing letters also takes quite a bit of time, effort and based on the results you will receive, it offers little value.

You may also irritate new clients who are keen to work with paperless businesses or those who want to be associated with green-friendly companies.

Furthermore, letters are not going to help you stand out in a sea of competitors.

Why You Need Something Unique

So, instead of using these tactics that we have discussed, you need to do something unique.

You’re going to have to think outside the box to be able to grab the attention of your prospects.

People see thousands of pitches every single year and they all come in similar formats which is why you need to do something a little different.

The whole aim of a pitch is to get a callback or to show someone why they need your business, and this is only going to happen if you are memorable.

Doing the same thing as everyone else all but guarantees your company is just going to blend in with everyone else on the market, but doing something different will show prospects that you know how to grab their attention.

Introducing Our Concept

Our concept is based around providing your prospects a gift, with a twist!

We all know that gifts can be a great way to reach a client.

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, but it has to be the right gift and it has to stand out.

There are plenty of gifts that you can consider sending to new clients but they won’t all make an impact.

You might send them chocolates, but are they going to remember your company once those have disappeared?

Probably not and there’s no way to link that gift to your company.

Our idea is to present a gift inside a book safe that requires a combination.

The combination is revealed when the prospect watches a video you create.

This can be a quick sales pitch, an introduction and a short message to them about what your company can offer followed by the code.

With the code, the prospect can unlock the safe and receive the gift.

What’s Needed

You will need a few things to make the most out of our idea.

The first thing you’ll need is a camera to record your message.

You will also need to have a video tool such as Loom or Soap Box so you can get a link to send to your prospect and they know where to find the video you have recorded for them.

Next, you will need a book safe box.

Now, this is important because it is what will grab their attention the most.

The fact that they won’t be able to get into the box without knowing the code that you have put in the video means that they will have to watch the video to find it.

Then, you will need treats to put inside the box so that once they get in, they’ve got something sweet to look forward to.

Finally, you will need shipping materials.

These aren’t generally too expensive, so the overall cost will not be too high even though there are quite a few things that you need to make this work.

Finding Your Prospect And Personalising Your Gift

To gain the best results with this idea, you need to make sure that you are personalizing the gift inside.

First, find a prospective client.

This can be someone in a company that you want to connect with. Look at LinkedIn and other forms of social media.

You need to seek an interest or something that they feel connected too.

Twitter feeds are great for this because people tend to post quick thoughts that provide a window into their personality.

If you can’t find an idea that is connected to a gift, don’t worry.

Just make sure that the gift inside is fun and connected to a positive idea or concept.

Sweets that people have loved as a child are a great example of this.

However, you can be as creative as you like.

Just remember that the gift needs to be memorable and connect with that individual.

If the gift isn’t a hit, then you will struggle to get that crucial callback.

Tips For Your Video

When you are creating your video, you want to keep it short and to the point.

If you don’t, you will bore the prospect with information that they need not know.

What does need to be included however is who you are, what your business does and why they need you.

Ideally, you want to keep your video around the minute mark, but if it is a bit longer than this, there’s no need to panic.

Just make sure that you only have the relevant information included, and direct them to your website if they are interested in learning more about your services.

Another piece of advice is that you put the code at the end of the video.

Even though it’s not very long, if you put it in the middle, some people will stop watching.

You want your video to be gripping enough in that short amount of time that this doesn’t happen, but it is inevitable seeing as many people will only watch to get inside the box.

But, that’s good because that’s what you want. As long as they are watching the video, it doesn’t matter how they got there.

You want your prospect to understand why you are reaching out to them.

Something you don’t want is for them to watch your video and wonder why you have sent this to them when it isn’t relevant.

That’s why you’ve got to be particular with the information you include, and ensure that you are hitting the nail on the head with your points.

Big Benefits

There are some fantastic benefits to this concept that elevate the idea over cold calling or even a typical gift.

First, you’re making it personal and memorable.

That will help it stand out from all the other tactics that businesses will use to get this prospect’s attention.

You are also providing them with a reason to watch your sales pitch.

They won’t be able to access the gift without them doing this.

They’ll want to access it due to curiosity.

They will assume something is inside the safe, but they won’t know what.

This means that when they watch that short video, you’ll have their complete attention.

They’ll be captivated by who you are, what you have to say and why you have sent them this item.

When they open the safe with the code, the gift will be something that resonates with them.

It will provide them with a reason to connect.

They might even feel obliged to contact you.

Now you might not get a call from them after a week.

If that’s the case, then there’s another advantage.

This gift is such a memorable idea, it will be immediately recognizable when you call.

You can mention the gift, or the book safe and you’ll probably instantly get to speak to your prospect.

They could be curious about the sales tactic or they might want to talk about the gift inside.

Furthermore, it shows initiative and innovation.

These are two concepts that clients are seeking when they choose businesses they want to connect with or buy from.

We hope you see that this could be your secret weapon as a new, fresh marketing tactic that will help you gain new clients.

If this idea isn’t the right fit for your business, remember to think outside the box and give clients something more than the traditional sales pitch.